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Public Records Complexity Increases: Quantitative Proof (a series)

Community Manager
Community Manager

If you've been feeling like the job of fulfilling public records requests has been getting harder in recent years, you are not wrong. And now there's proof!

2022 Public Records Complexity Benchmark Report2022 Public Records Complexity Benchmark Report


Public Records Complexity Is On the Rise 

Since Granicus began tracking data in Q1 2018, we have seen overall public records complexity increase by a whopping 52%! This increase is a compiled benchmark figure representative of huge increases in the number of requests coming in; the quantity of documents involved in those requests; the size of the individual files included in responses (including video and email records); the number of clarification emails required to narrow requests; the total time it takes to process requests; and other factors.

You can dive into all the data yourself right now by downloading the 2022 Public Record Complexity Benchmark Report here.

Or, follow along in this series of posts here, as we uncover the data behind each metric that makes up the Complexity Benchmark. We hope that you and your peers in public records can use this space to discuss the challenges you are facing today; and share any solutions and tips you have for managing the workload!