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Product Update – Moving Forward with govService Realtime Reporting

Community Manager
Community Manager

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A Message from Granicus Chief Customer Officer, Gabriele Masili and  

Granicus Chief Product Officer, Bob Ainsbury 


We are reaching out about migrating from Data Dump to Realtime Reporting in govService. Some of you have contacted Granicus with concerns, and we’ve listened to you, our customers, and want to provide an update on our plans to improve your experience with Realtime Reporting.  


For those of you who have encountered missing data from Realtime Reporting, we hear and acknowledge the frustrations you’ve shared.  We understand how important accurate data access is to the operation of your organisations, and that data is a key part of the value you derive from govService.  


For all our customers, including those who haven’t migrated to Realtime Reporting yet, we want to assure you that we are working to rectify govService product issues with Realtime Reporting, so we can make it a better transition for everyone.  


Here is our plan: 


  • Extend Data Dump’s availability until September 30, 2024, so that you have more time to plan a transition to Realtime Reporting. 
  • Create a task force dedicated to resolving issues with Realtime Reporting to improve how we support you as we optimise govService’s data architecture.  
  • Stabilise the remaining Realtime Reporting product issues by the end of August 2023, which includes additional releases and ensuring our team is more responsive to raised customer issues/tickets.  
  • Conduct workgroup sessions to better understand how you access and use your data and your data challenges. 
  • Deliver a series of communications to offer another update in three weeks, which will include FAQs and dates for small, focused customer workshops with our Product Team.  


If you have questions or run into issues, please reach out to your Customer Success Consultant (CSC). They are here to help and can also get you enrolled in a workshop group if you’d like to participate.  


Thank you for your continued support and your use of Granicus products and services.  


Gabriele Masili - Chief Customer Officer, Granicus 

Bob Ainsbury – Chief Product Officer, Granicus